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Webmaster 04-11-2007 07:40 PM

New Strip/Sex Game Ideas
Who would like to see some different games? (other than DareRing)
This thread is for all your wild suggestions. :devil:

crosis42 04-11-2007 09:29 PM

I think any game that features guys and girls playing for clothing/sexual favors would work. I've always been a big fan of strip poker type games, but I always felt that capturing the "game" essence was difficult on video. How do you capture a natural "embarrassed" reaction on someone who knows they are being filmed (and will be seen by many people)? Your product thus far has been very good at capturing that essence of the game. Perhaps it is due to the fact that there aren't really anylosers in the game (as JD said to Natalie in game 9, sometimes being naked has its advantages).

Perhaps more "challenge" type dares where if they "win" they get to strip someone, and if they lose, they lose clothing. The same concept could apply to spanking, masturbation, oral sex, lap dances etc. Some ideas could be scoring a certain amount of points on a dart board, cutting for high card, ring toss, or any other quick simple game. I think this would work best with players that have played the game a few times. Let them "settle" some old scores from previous games. I'd be happy to brainstorm more ideas on this concept.

secmet 04-12-2007 12:08 PM

Strip - WSOP
How about a similar setup to the World Series of Poker, with a pocketcam showing each players hand. Each player starts with 10 colored chips. They can only play with your color chips (chips won from others are returned to the bank). When a player runs out of chips, they sell pieces of clothing for their chips back from the bank. Once they have no clothes, they sell forfeits to the person that won their last chip (winner decides on forfeit to get the 10 chips back).

Overall winner is the last one naked. Keep playing until all are naked. I am not sure who the losers will be. Maybe the dealer? :bounce:

Lurker Mike 04-12-2007 06:30 PM

I seems to me that a real strip poker game is the most popular means to the end we're all looking for here; i.e., "regular" people deciding to risk losing their clothing just for the excitement of it. I would venture to say that strip poker is the most popular adult game of all time, but has never been properly represented either on the internet or in the mainstream.

There are probably plenty of members that could devise the actual rules and logistics of such a game better than I, but allow me to just throw a straw man out there:

In my mind at least, all but one end up naked. During the game however, anyone naked can continue to play by drawing a "penalty card" if they lose another hand. The penalty cards would incorporate the best of Dare Ring - kissing, fondling, oral sex, and even orgasm, etc. I also would like if the person losing an article of clothing would have to stand up to strip, and display the uncovered body part.

The last one clothed is declared the "ultimate winner", but the game continues until that person also loses his or her final piece of clothing ( to get more penalty cards played, of course). At that point, the winner removes the final piece of clothing, and is then serviced to an orgasm by all of the other players of his or her choosing.

I am not a fan of the guy-guy parts of Dare Ring, so in my ideal world, if a guy draws a card to kiss another guy or blow him, he can designate a girl as his surrogate, but it costs him another piece of clothing.

OK - shoot.

Lurker Mike

cma68 04-12-2007 08:36 PM

Sounds right
It's good to hear you're thinking about some different formats -- the dare ring games have been great, but as they say, variety is the spice of life... I agree with Lurker Mike that what makes stripping/dare games so voyueristically exciting is getting to watch people going beyond their comfort zone. It's why so much mainstream porn is SO boring. I like the strip poker idea, as long as things move along -- it's less about the poker than the win/lose part of it being a competition where players are trying to win (but usually lose). Virtually all the strip game videos I've seen get boring because the participants are pros who couldn't care less about getting pregnant. Giving the winner some special power to direct action and to choose whether/how to participate might be an incentive to play to win.

rossco69caca 04-12-2007 10:21 PM

a challenge card. if you get the card you can dare any other person to do anything (being cognizant of the round you are in and dare accordingly ie no strap on in round 1). similar but not the same as the current challenge which is preset by the game

or the equivalent of a 'get out of jail free' card to be used at the holder's leisure. again, the holder can make the dare or it could be predetermined on the card (eg remove all clothes and it could be used at a later round for say the person who still has clothes on in round 6). but if they want to save it they should have to pay a penance for the privelage eg. get card in round 1, want to keep the card, then take off shirt. an alternate might be they have to be naked to invoke the privelage of using the card

ideas not fully worked out.

MajorPenalty 04-12-2007 11:51 PM

What about 4PLAY?
Have you considered 4play 5.0 from www.i4play.com

It's an X-rated variation on Monopoly for the PC. Some of the "rent payments" are very exciting.

jack345 04-13-2007 11:27 AM

Anything would be good if we actually get more games on this site. Sorry, but it has been a while since the last update.

I would prefer easy games, rather than poker. Faster off with the clothes and then onto the penalty phases. It is important to show the game and who wins each round though, otherwise it players might just as well take turns taking off their clothes.

Strip Blackjack, Strip Darts, Strip Spin the Bottle. Note, there is already a site like this, but they do not have videos.

We could keep the dare cards and each time someone looses they must draw a dare card. We could also have if lossers tie they both draw cards or take off a piece of clothing. We could also have only the winer is safe from drawing a card, on so on.

One other thought would be an outdoor game, as long as noone gets in trouble with the law. How about playing on a picnic blanket.

Or one could play a game of strip badminton, strip basketball, strip volleyball, strip beach volleyball.

I think it is important we keep the dare part of the game, otherwise it is just another strip game. We need the fondling, masturbation, oral sex, etc.

bibracte 04-13-2007 05:27 PM

First... excuse-me for my bad french version of the english language... ^^.

Second, just from my psychology lessons in highschool, more the game is long in time and more chances you have to see bored players. The dare game is psychologicaly good because you play with fast actions (the dares) and the grow of desire and pression (the rounds). The strippoker is fun but far more too long for video and, especialy, for the shy newbies. Maybe some money challenge can be short and fun. An other thing, if you need girls for the games... I'm sure you can find some agreement with some amateur website like ifeelmyself or Abby Winter.

Third, I'm very pleased with the site... It's awesome !!! Thank you for the 'pleasure'... You have the more inovative and funny site on the net. :applause:

Four, I have a question... When the game 13 and + ? Because, I'm surely became dareringholic... ^^ :inlove: ^^


Mindbinder 04-13-2007 06:27 PM

Ok, I figure the reason you need new games ideas is because of the lack of players. If this is so, then why not just shorten the game to 4-5 rounds instead of playing a completely different game. I agree that something new is always fun but the premise of this game is good, and I believe it could be cut back to a game for two people with a couple of alterations.

A. Less rounds, some of the dares like the markers and such could look a bit akward with only two people.

B. Integrate truth cards throughout. If you have full rounds where the players are doing nothing but stripping it will seem unnecessary to be playing the game at all. Plus the chance to tell stories should create a more comforatable atmosphere and be more conducive to a natural feeling enviroment. Perhaps make actual options between truth or dares. (on some cards)

C. Increase or do away with time limits for games with less people. The games already gonna be shorter, let them get into it.

D. Your large single die will now be rendered useless so maybe you replace it with a classic pair of sex dice. Fairly easy to make, and add a little bit more randomness to the dares.

E. Allow the players to come up with a few things. Make up a couple questions and dares on the spot.

Just some ideas I had, hope to see some new stuff soon.


crosis42 04-13-2007 06:39 PM

I don't think you want the game to be the feature of the video, rather you want the game to be the vehicle for the video. Any game can get repetitive after a while. Thats why I suggest little party game type challenges that are varied throughout the video.

Some examples:

2 players throw a dart at a dartboard, whoever is closer to the bullseye gets to personally strip the loser.

While blindfolded, identify the all players by grabbing their ass (or crotch). get them all right and you may make any player strip naked, any mistakes cost you an article of clothing.

Draw for high card versus the player of your choice, loser gets paddled by the winner.

From across the room, throw a nerf ball at another player of your choice (or random choice). If you hit an article of clothing, they have to remove it, if you hit skin, you must suck on that body part for 3- seconds, miss completely and the other person gets to personally strip you of something you are wearing.

Have a deck of trivia cards (preferably sexual questions), for a quick round of strip trivia.

It might be difficult to control how fast the stripping happens, but increasing the number of articles lost in later rounds, along with increasingly risque dares up to challenges being for the remainder of clothing by round 5 or 6 so nearly everyone is naked by the end (or perhaps the winner is the one left wearing a sock).

Keep it moving along, the emphasis should be on the stripping and dares, and not the minutia of the games themself.

Mindbinder 04-13-2007 06:58 PM

Strip trivia, brilliant! :bounce:

jack345 04-14-2007 10:59 AM

I would like to add I prefer the darering game the most.

New suggestions are good if like you need to very the numbers of players or the level of intimacy. You could have just a striping game, or you can increase the level to feeling of bodies (with or/and without clothes), handjobs, oral sex, or more, depending on the groups level of comfort. The seventh round is the best, but if players are not into showing sexual orgasm on video it does not need to be in every game.

But you could also just very the number of rounds, the cards, the number of players, and the boy/girl mix.

You could also very the age group of the players, although keep it to one age group in the game.

You could expand more on the couples idea and very the game to be more couple orientated, not just couples playing a singles game.

You could also venture more into the amateur or first time model area. As long as they are natural, and still have a few inhibitions, the game will not have that staged or professional look that we really do not want.

You could also add a section for pre and post game interviews, or for pre and post game meetings, or antics. One could give some details as to tidbits of their personal lives. What state they are from? If they go to school? Occupation? Physical measurements?

Their are so many ways you can go with this site. You just have to decide is it going to stay a hobby like it is now with games comming whenever, or more frequently, or on a schedule. You could even increase gradually.

beachlover 04-14-2007 02:26 PM

Another Vote for Strip Poker
I agree with the core idea of what some others like Lurker Mike have written—strip poker is the classic stripping game, but the available software versions or videos are generally uninteresting because the players too often look like professional strippers and not everyday people. The whole point of stripping games is to create situations that seem risky to the players so that when they are forced to take off items of clothing, the other players and the viewers can see the genuine embarrassment that they experience. The Dare Ring videos do this very well because the viewer feels that the players are amateurs and not disinterested professionals. Despite what a few people have written on these boards, I feel that the most interesting games are the ones with both male and female players. Stripping in front of players of the opposite sex usually adds to the drama.

Here is a variation of the classic strip poker game that I would like to see. Get two or three real couples as your players and have them sit in a semi-circle on the floor or on stools. Using a very large deck so that viewers can see the hands, the players take turns dealing the cards face up so that everyone can see the poker hands as they develop. Once every player has had five cards dealt, the one with the best poker hand is the winner and the one with the worst hand is the loser. The loser is forced to stand in the middle of the group in full view of the camera while the winner is allowed to strip that player of one piece of clothing or designate his/her partner to strip the item of clothing from the loser. The play continues until all but one of the players has been stripped completely nude.

Once players are completely nude, they will continue to play, but if they lose subsequent hands, they must still stand before the group while the player with the winning hand gets to pick a specific “favor” from a jar full of cards. The “favor” cards might include things like:

“If the player with the losing hand is a member of the opposite sex, you have won the right to kiss and fondle the player in any way you choose for one minute. If the player with the losing hand is a member of the same sex, you have the right to invite your partner to administer the treatment in your place.”

“If the player with the losing hand is a member of the opposite sex, you have won the right to cover any parts of that player’s body with aerosol whipped cream and then lick it off. If the player with the losing hand is a member of the same sex, you may allow your partner to do the whipped cream routine in your place.”

“If the player with the losing hand is a member of the opposite sex, you will have one minute to grab a bottle of lotion and apply it to any parts of the loser’s body that you choose. If the player with the losing hand is a member of the same sex, your partner make take your place to apply the lotion.

“If the player with the losing hand is a member of the opposite sex, you have one minute to give oral sex to that player or demand that the player administer oral sex to you. If the player with the losing hand is a member of the same sex, your partner is allowed to take your place and give or receive oral sex with the losing player.”

As other people and I have written in different discussion threads, I think the idea of staging couples games is especially intriguing because there is sure to be added tension and interest if one player has to watch while his/her partner or lover is stripping or kissing or fondling or sucking another player right in front of them. The game as I have described it would be purely a game of chance since there is no betting or other poker strategy involved. That way, all players would have an equal chance to win or lose without any previous experience. Setting up the game under these rules would also assure that two more elements of a good stripping game are maintained—the winners are always able to physically strip the clothing from the loser and since both are standing right in front of the other players and the home audience, everyone will have a good view of every part of the action. The odds are that the stripping action would be evenly paced as well, and that also would also add to the sense of anticipation that helps to build interest as the players get closer to the moment when they are finally stripped of the last piece of clothing.

I think this would be a very easy game to set up and extremely inexpensive as well since the only items needed would be the large deck of cards and whatever food items or other props you might want to use with the “favor” cards.

If you want a really hot way of ending the game, add a final “favor” in which all players are invited to come to the center of the room for a group free-for-all. Kissing, licking, fondling, and oral sex between partners and with the other players would be a fine way to conclude the game, and I would think it would be a way for the horny players to finally get some sexual relief.

swmwshrk 04-14-2007 04:19 PM

Originally Posted by MajorPenalty
Have you considered 4play 5.0 from www.i4play.com

It's an X-rated variation on Monopoly for the PC. Some of the "rent payments" are very exciting.

cool game but gets repetitive. and little to do since its on a computer. however it is very customizable for each individual player.

Lurker Mike 04-14-2007 08:17 PM

Thanks, Beachlover. My post was intended as a "straw man", and you added some (to me) worthwhile ideas to make for a fast-paced, simple, yet erotic strip poker game.

Lurker Mike

bibracte 04-16-2007 06:08 AM

Talking about games, holly webmaster... I summon you... ^^... When will we have the next games ?

Henk 04-16-2007 08:40 AM

The suggestions made by beachlover, have my support!! Would be nice to see.
And just like bibracte I would like to know when there are new games? It's to lang ago now since you (the webmaster) have uploaded a new great game. I really can't wait that long :roll:

A new sort of game (like poker) would be nice to see. The dare ring games that are now on the site are great, but I guess much more of these games would be a "bit of the same" eventually.

Keep up the good work!

beachlover 04-16-2007 04:14 PM

More Strip Poker Ideas
Here are some additional details and game ideas for the strip poker variation I suggested above. As I mentioned, I think the game is enhanced if one player is able to strip another because with each encounter, there is an opportunity for physical contact like kissing, ass squeezing, or stroking and fondling body parts even though the losers may still be partially dressed. This should be clear to the players from the start so that they know that the loser is completely in their control for the time designated to strip a piece of clothing. To me, this could be much more erotic than just watching a player quickly slip something off and sit back down. I recommended using real couples for added interest, but of course, any combinations of male and female players could be very interesting. As other have suggested in many discussion topics, shoes and socks should be removed in pairs, and it might be fairer and more interesting to establish a set number of clothing items so that the risk of being stripped naked is equal for all players. Players could be creative and meet that standard with any combination they wished.

Here are some more “favor” cards that might be included to punish losing players who are already completely nude as they stand in front of the group. Like the ones suggested above, they are designed to maximize exposure to the group and home viewers and to let the winners enjoy as much body contact with the losing players as they want. They also combine some of the Truth/Dare qualities of the original DareRing games. If you do opt to use any of these, please find some type of electronic timer so that we do not have to listen to a droning verbal countdown each time:

“You are a fashion designer who is assigned to create a new garment for the losing player. You will have one minute to use a fabric tape measure and take all of the necessary measurements such as bust/chest, waist, hips, inseam, calf, upper thigh, penis length, and any other body dimensions that you can dream up. If you wish, you can assign another player to do the measurements in your place.”

“You are a glamour photographer and the losing player is your model. Using a digital camera, pose your model any ways that you choose and take as many nude glamour pictures as you can in one minute. These pictures will be posted on the web site along with the game video.”

“You have earned the right to enjoy a sexy sweet treat. Instruct the losing player to stand in the middle of the room. You will have one minute to kneel in front of the player, squeeze honey onto the player’s genitals, and then clean the player up using only your tongue. You have the right to select any other player to take your place for the honey challenge if you wish.”

“It’s time for secret confessions. Instruct the losing player to stand in full view of the whole group and ask the person to answer and expound upon this question: ‘Since reaching the age of puberty, who was the first person of the opposite sex to see you completely naked?’ You are free to seek out whatever details of the incident you wish, including such things as how old the person was, where it took place, other people who may have been present at the time, and the kinds of feelings or emotions that the person remembers about the experience. At the end of this interview, you have the right to thank the player by sharing a passionate kiss and a full body embrace.”

“Volunteer your services as the losing player’s partner as he/she demonstrates his or her favorite sexual position in the middle of the room. You are free to act out the player’s favorite position in any way you choose and make whatever body contact is required to demonstrate the position in full detail. If you do not wish to accept this favor yourself, you can select any other player to participate in your place.”

“Stand behind the losing player in the middle of the room. For one minute, you have the right to stroke and fondle the player’s body while he/she describes in detail his or her most intimate sexual fantasy. Use the touch of your hands to demonstrate the details as the person speaks or to stimulate the person into saying more about the fantasy situation. You may ask another player to stand in for you during this fantasy challenge.”

“With your help as an assistant or spotter, the losing player will attempt some type of gymnastic move like a simple headstand, handstand, cartwheels, or back bends. You will have one minute to complete the activity.”

“ You have earned the right to guide the losing player in a quick one minute variation of a ‘Simon Says’ game. Each time you call out a position or activity like ‘stand on one leg,’ ‘bend over backwards,’ ‘do jumping jacks,’ or ‘bend and touch your toes,’ the losing player is obligated to do exactly as you say. Be creative and the victim may be forced to show more than he or she would really care to reveal to the audience.”

“It is time for a little laughter. Have the losing player stand in the middle of the group and then choose one other player to help you with this challenge. You will have 30 seconds to tickle the victim with your fingers, feathers, dildos, or whatever props are available in the room.”

“The local art school has asked for your help. Since they can’t always provide live models for their drawing classes, they have asked you to create a clay cast of one part of the losing player’s body that they could use instead. Grab a big chunk of Pla-Doh and carefully mold it over the player’s chest, breasts, buttocks, genitals, or any body part you would like to work with. Be sure to be even more careful as you peel the Pla-Doh off when you are finished.”

“You and the losing player get to enjoy a short tattoo session together. The victim gets to choose from a selection of temporary or washable tattoos, and then you get to decide where to apply them on his or her body. You will have one minute to select and apply the tattoos.”

I am willing to bet that other readers have more ideas for the “favor” cards. Would you like to see a strip poker game like the one I’ve described? What do you say, Webmaster? I think we are all anxious to see a new game posted on the site.

crosis42 04-16-2007 06:37 PM

I love the idea beachlover, but could you imagine some of the players that got a little too drunk during the games trying to read some of your cards?? :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

The only problem with straight up strip poker is that it is either "real poker" in which case it becomes too much skill (and takes away from the dares), or it's "fake poker" in which it is all luck (in this case you might as well just deal everyone one card, high card wins).

This is why I like the idea of quick "game type" challenges. Also, some of them will get the players up and moving around which I think is better than just sitting around a table naked.

I like the idea of players stripping the others, but rather than just have them stand front and center for the stripping, let the stripper put the stripee in any position they want (ala Everything Goes).

MEPMEP 04-16-2007 07:56 PM

Beachlover - wow
Hey beachlover:

You are an (evil?) genius. I'm so impressed with the thoughtfulness of your work on these posts. Now, if only you could use your powers on some important issues such as global warming or the Iraq war. Wait a minute...now that i think about it, perhaps DareRing is more important! Keep up the good work.

Henk 04-17-2007 09:36 AM

Beachlover, I really like your ideas. Not all of them of course, but overall they are great ideas/suggestions!!
I hope the webmaster will do something ith these ideas.... ???!! :thumb:

Henk 04-18-2007 09:18 AM

Perhaps this is an idea for a dare:
You will need a couple of erotic dice (one dice: suck, lick, fondle, kiss, etc. other dice:breast, ass, face, mouth, etc.). losing player has to stand in the middle of the group and winner should do what the dice say.
The fun part of this dare (according to me) is that none of the players know what the dare exactly will be, so there is a little tension. Especially when the activity dice is rolled first (suck, lick, etc.) and after that the place (breast, ass, etc.)....

I hope you understand what I mean, my english is not that good. Sorry for that.

bibracte 04-18-2007 06:35 PM

it's not idiot... Here in France, there is a boxed sex-game that I've forgotten the name which a dice like that.

I thought about something yesterday about the finishes of the games... Of course, it misses some "clear cumshots" like I saw in another post but... It's conventional... A lot of porn internet stuff contain the so conventional combo 'penetration+blowjob+cumshot'... Maybe it should be interesting to find some funny dare for that.

In place of the traditional 'oral sex 'til be satisfied'... It could be oral sex or fingering or penetration. For the male finishes, it could be swallow of somewhere on the body. For the fun, you can draw a card not for you but for another player. Of course, you must have some obligation...

exemples :

1) Roll the dice, the number design the player who have to satisfy you. 2) Roll the dice again... 1 or 2 (oral sex) / 3 or 4 (penetration or hand) / 5 or 6 (choose your stimulation).
3) If you're a man : the player designed by the roll in 1) has to roll the dice... 1 or 2 (swallow) / 3 or 4 (extern cumshot (facial, breast, ...)) / 5 or 6 (the designed player has the liberty to choose).

1) Choose two players or roll the dice to design two players (a giver and a receiver).
2) Roll the dice again... 1 or 2 (oral sex) / 3 or 4 (penetration or hand) / 5 or 6 (choose the stimulation) 'til satisfaction.
3) If the receiver is a man : the player designed by the roll in 1) has to roll the dice... 1 or 2 (swallow) / 3 or 4 (extern cumshot (facial, breast, ...)) / 5 or 6 (the designed player has the liberty to choose)

Masturbate you 'til be satisfied or choose 1 or more player to do this.

I've more funny ideas but it asks less shyness from the players and some organisation (oral sex in a public place... mastubation on the bed of another player...).

One thing to finish... Holly webmaster, you said that where you live there's not a lot of potential player so... why don't find some partnership with another REAL softcore porn sites like abby winters, videoteenage, ****-film, beautiful agony or I feel myself. Nothing prevents from playing darering in other places, even countries, if the basic rules and concept is kept… No ?

So guys... see ya from France...


yoyoma2005 04-19-2007 08:03 AM

completely crazy idea
Here is a completely crazy that is never gonna get done but that I would still like to see... think it would be funny?

Strip ping pong! Two couples, playing doubles. The couple must remove an article of clothing for every 5 points against. Every 15 points against the couple must open an enveloppe and execute a dare that is enclosed (instead of stripping). There is obviously a big dare for the team that loses and is nude first.

I think it would be funny... but I realise that it is completely stupid! haha


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